The Leadership Challenge in Disruptive Time: A sharing session with Mrs Donna Priadi (Director of GE Indonesia)

Such an inspiring webinar delivered by Ibu Donna Murdijanto Priadi (Government Affairs and Public Policy of General Electric Indonesia) about People and Technology, The Leadership Challenge in Disruptive Time. Amazing women, she did her bachelor at ITB, continue her master in San Fransisco and currently, she is working at GE Indonesia. Long story short, she shared about how we should react in this rapid change era. We are now facing the era full of VUCA, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Information can come up very quickly, data stored in the middle of somewhere that we called it ‘cloud’, and people carry camera, radio, TV, post office everywhere in one thing we called gadget/smartphone. It is very dynamic! Four points we should remember in order to survive (or even lead) in this era:

1. never stop learning
learn not only theoretical stuff in class, but you can learn anything! learn new things that can improve your skills

2. in-depth your knowledge
if you are studying science be the best on it if you’re studying engineering master it, if you’re studying fashion or design or economy be great. Having depth and comprehensive understanding of your specialization is good 

3. be communicative
in the middle of expertise diversity, it is important to be able to communicate. explain what you can do, what is your ability that will be beneficial to others. but remember, not only speak by words also show your work!

4. find role model & mentor
try to learn from someone that inspires you, read their biography will help much. also find a mentor whom you can ask for advice, could be seniors, lecturers, or anyone you look up to and trust

5. never give up
to face the challenge, not to avoid it. if you get into a conflict, be creative to find the solutions. be creative and don’t be a quitter.

This international forum was hosted by PPI Italia Ppi Milan & ASM Politecnico. Grazie mille!

(Reportase: Firda PPI Milan)


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